Transsexual Dating


Transsexual dating is an emerging market. Transgender people are now more open than ever about their gender and this is encouraging their admirers to do the same. Most transsexual dating sites are geared towards men and "male to female" (M2F) transgenders. That doesn't mean that the other side are not catered too also, you'll just have to search a little harder. 

The main reason for guys to look for a partner who is transgender is because of sex. At least this is the initial attraction. It is something new, naughty and exotic. A new world of possibilities and adventure awaits. Because fo the taboo nature of dating someone born in the wrong body, many men shy away from actually meeting  in real life, or revelaing their true self online. This makes this particualr dating sector more prone to timewasters than others. Both transsexuals and men need to be aware of this from the start. Girls will be more guarded in responses as they seek to week out the timewasters. Men need to keep this in mind and may need to make an extra effort to proove themselves. 

The extra work and vigilance stems from the fact that our society just isn't ready yet. Everywhere in the world transsexuals are a minority group and ignorance surround views. Even in a country famous for beautiful transwomen like Thailand there is still a social stigma. Things are gradually moving in the right direction with a prominent transwoman in parliament there. Transwomen like Yollada "Nok" Suanyot are doing a great deal to improve societies views on transgender issues. In the West things are still lagging behind but for those guys who are proud to have a transsexual girlfriend, the rewards are often obvious. Regular looking guys can "bat above their average" by landing a beautiful, model-like woman if they are prepared to date openly. 

There have always been some celebrity figures in the transsexual world, however they are now becoming more mainstream. There is usually a little controvesy involved such as the Miss World fiasco where a transwoman wanted to join the main competition. Most recently Toyota have tried to appeal to a more hip crowd by featuring a TS model in an advert. Although some may view this as exploiting transsexuals, it may also be a sign that transgenderism is becoming more acceptable. There will likely be some religious nuts who protest the advert. But that will only strengthen acceptence from the general public who wish to distance themnselves from prejudice views of religious types.

How to go about finding a transsexual date?

There are a few different websites that offer personals ads and profiles. This is probably the best place to start. There are clubs and bars in major cities but you are likely to find "working girls" or transvestites in those. Transvestites are basically part time and they are usually gay men. Most men who have a relationship with a transwoman consider themselves straight. Therefore they want somebody who lives full time as a woman and who identifies herself as female. Browsing online will give you the opportunity to filter out uinsuitable partners, whereas you might pick up someone unsuitable once you have "beer goggles" on in a bar.

There are some free transsexual dating sites which is probably the best place to start. The best ones will then have a subscription option which you may want to use in future. Basically you will get more access and search options if you are paying, plus it weeds out the timewasters. The free options usually give you enough to get started making contact through. Do a quick search online by typing in "transsexual dating" to find some sites to start with. Some will be reviewed on here in future. If you want to read more on transsexualism visit this helpful Wikipedia page